Stu. Hello.

A nostalgia-driven collection of retro pop culture parodies, mash-ups and pastichey homages to a Better Time. On t-shirts.

Pop Culture, cartooned.

Square heads and star hands, basically.

Currently undergoing a redesign...



I'm a UK-based Design Hero Guy. I craft experiences... bleugh. Not really. I'm just a Web Designer by day and Illustrator by night. Currently earning a crust as an 'Interface Engineer' (I know, me either).

Been doing this professionally for over 16 years now (blimey) for clients including Google, the BBC, GSK, Pfizer and the MoD... My 'web' portfolio is currently under construction, so these are just some of my side projects and stuff. I'm probably not practicing what I preach web-wise with this site by the way; a builder's house is never finished and all that.


You can say Hi at or I'm also on the twitter. As you'll see I'm never not tweetering.